An agreement on transfer of copyrights

We, the authors of the article ____________________________________ in case of its acceptance for publication give to the founders and editors of the scientific journal «Folk Art and Ethnology» the rights to:

  1. publication of this article in Ukrainian (or English) and distribution of its printed version.
  2. distribution of the electronic version of the article through any electronic means (by placing it on the official web-site of the journal, in electronic databases, repositories, etc.).

At this, without the coordination with the editorial board and founders, we reserve for ourselves the right to:

  1. use the article’s materials in full or in part with an educational purpose;
  2. use the article’s materials in full or in part for writing of our own dissertations;
  3. use the article’s materials for the preparation of theses, conference reports, and oral presentations;
  4. place electronic copies of the article (including the final electronic version loaded from the official web-site of the journal) on:
    1. personal web-resources of all the authors (web-sites, web-pages, blogs, etc.);
    2. web-resources of institutions where the authors work (including the electronic institutional repositories);
    3. non-commercial web-resources in open access (for example,;

In all cases the presence of a bibliographic reference to the article or a hyperlink with its electronic copy on the official web-site of the journal is obligatory.

Also, by this agreement we certify that the presented manuscript:

  1. does not contain any appeals to violence, kindling of racial discrimination or ethnic animosity, which cause anxiety, are threatening, shameful, calumnious, brutal, indecent, and vulgar.
  2. does not violate the copyrights and intellectual property of other persons or organizations; contains all provided by the current legislation about the copyright references to the quoted authors, publications, and the facts received by other authors or organizations;
  3. has nowhere been published earlier and has not been submitted for publication in other printed editions;
  4. does not include materials that – due to the operating statutory acts.

Can not be published openly in the press

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